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Antestor are back and their latest album "Omen" is gathering very positive opinions. This is a perfect moment to interview the legendary frontman Ronny Hansen.

In 2009 you were at Elements of Rock with Morgenroede and on that occasion you said that the Antestor project was dead. But two years later you're back with Antestor on the same stage. What has happened?

We did not think that we could establish Antestor again, and the motivation for it was low as well. But about a year after Morgenroedes gig at Elements of Rock we gathered some musicians to set Antestor alive again. For my part I had nothing else to do at the time concerning music, since Morgenroede still is on a long pause and Lars and me considered that we may try once more. Jo Henning from Morgenroede was enough motivation for me to try to gather even more great musicians.

What about the last full-length "Omen" and its sound? In my opinion it's more technical than "The Forsaken", almost extreme metal.

Antestor ARE extreme metal. Our sound and music will not be limited to just black metal. Since most of us has contributed musically on "Omen", the styles vary a bit and so does the personality of our songs. I like to bring new elements of vocals into my work, not just because it fits, but it is more a challenge for me than just the blackish screams which I can do in my sleep. I have a lot to learn in other styles, and find it very interesting to try new things.

As for the lyrics, what are the sources of inspiration?

My main inspiration for the lyrics are my own feelings, experiences and of course the link to my Christian faith, moral and ethic. Mostly dark thoughts that lingers from my past though. Not all lyrics are made by me, and not all I write is experienced by me.

How did you get the collaboration of Hellhammer for the drums in "Det Tapte Liv" and "The Forsaken"? It 's true that he didn't know about the Christianity of the band?

Jan Axel knew about the fact that we have a christian profile. We had no drummer at the time, but the songs were finished, so we thought we could contact the most respectable and well known drummer there is, mostly just for fun, since we did not know him personally at the time. And surprisingly he had both the time and motivation to do it. He has said later that he did get some trouble for it, but most of the black metal scene is no longer that satanic anymore, so they don't really care. The fans however got him the most trouble I assume.

A lots of Antestor fans consider the demo "Vaakevandring" like a masterpiece. What are your memories of that period?

I have a lot of memories from that period, but most of the "success" is related to Morten Magerøy, which wrote almost all of the music, and of course Pål Dæhlen which spread the word and music outside its boundaries.

Some Christian musicians that play black metal don't accept the “unblack” term. What do you think? What is black metal for you?

First of all, I consider that there are three variations of black metal. The first era, which was Bathory and maybe Venom (which at least invented the term) these bands were negative towards christianity, but in music they don't have anything to do with black metal. The second wave was with Burzum, Dark Throne and Mayhem, which is musically a bit primitive, but with the same anti christian lyrics. This is what i call true black metal. After a while there became more melody and progression into black metal, Like Emperor, Dimmu Borgir and now Carach Angren. Although anti christian lyrics are most common, there are not so many "rules" to follow. As for the term "unblack", I don't like it. Lets have an example: if you are not a Christian, why would you buy something that makes fun of the term? This is something that bands also should consider, it is like christians make music ONLY for christians, and even if there is a market for that. What is the point in alienating music.

How do you live your Christian experiece? Are you active in a church?

All the members of Antestor have different churches, so we stand united in a way. There are members who are active in the norwegian church, the pentacostal church, sub church and the methodist church along with the ehm...frikirke (have no idea what that is in english). I am not as active as I maybe should have been in my church (sub church and now recently the methodist church).

What are the future plans for Antestor?

We are in the process of making an Ep, or maybe an album...we do not know yet. There will be more, but since the economy has only red numbers it will have to take some time.

Ronny, thanks for this interview. Do you want leave a message to the Italian fans?

Question everything and do not be a naive follower, think and rethink again.


Daniele Fuligno, ChildrenOfBodomForever

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