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Crimson Moonlight are a very appreciated and talented band in the whole unblack scene. This swedish group with his new album "Veil Of Remembrance" has changed again his own sound and the line-up too. Only few times after this release three members have gave up the band. Let’s ask something about, but not only this, to the great Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén, singer and leader.

After "Eternal Emperor", in black-dark style, and "The Covenant Progress" that offers a fast and strong epic-symphonic black, we're listening now to "Veil Of Remembrance" a mix of black and melodic death. Why have you changed your sound so many times? Which is the true Crimson Moonlight's style?

The original style of Crimson Moonlight is what we do nowadays. Back in the early days we didn’t had the opportunity to do what we can now because lack of speed, brutality and musical experiences. But to talk about the early days I would say that I prefer "The Glorification of the Master of Light" songs more than the "Eternal Emperor" songs. Old schooled BM mixed the furious speed and good production of today is the what I like the most. There are to much soft-metal bands, we just wanted to take the brutality one more step… I guess. And we also decided to skip the keyboard on the new release since we realized that the sound could turn into a heavier and rawer direction without it. And since a lot of us are much into extreme deathmetal acts like: Nile, Malevolent Creation, Living Sacrifice, Suffocation, Origin, Bloodbath, Defleshed and Rotten Sound and also more thrashmetal bands like Death, Believer, Hateshere and At The Gates it had some effects on our new sound…

After the release of your last album, three members have left the group; why? How much are your different styles caused to your frequents line-up changes?

Erik (ex bass-player) left the band because he had finished his studies in a town nearby us and then had to move back to his hometown (quite far from us) again for working. Hubertus decided to left the band for other musical projects and also for studies. Jani Stefanovic (ex Am I Blood, Sins of Omission now found in Divinefire, Renascent) joined us just a month before the recording of "Veil Of Remembrance" he were supposed to take over Hubertus place. But after a month or two one of his other bands, Divinefire got a huge record deal in Japan and things were also getting better with Renascent so then he realized that he didn’t have some much time over for Crimson Moonlight. 

Of course the line up changes has some effects on our sound. For example some of the more Deathmetal influenced songs that Hubertus made for VoR.

Alexander Orest was an extraordinary keyboard player! Is he still playing? How is your relationship with the ex-members?

Alex really knows how to handle the keys that’s for sure and he is still playing I lot in different bands and projects. I have good contact with some of the old members. Petter is for example a very good friend of mine and we use to spend some time together and talk about theology or history.

In "Veil Of Remembrance" the production has improved compared to "The Covenant Progress". The drumming has a sharp sound in your last album while in the previous the sound is deeper. Can you tell us something about it?

We got really satisfied by the sound and the prod on VoR. We had a great time in the Panic Room studio with our producer "Plec" and I guess the prod became better this time because we recorded and mixed everything in the same studio and we also had far more better equipment this time.

Gustav's drumming has had an impressive evolution as regard of "Eternal Emperor"!, but all band's members have get better. What have you done to reach this great level?

The only answer I can give you is practice. Long hard time practice. Gustav has played death/black metal now since 1993 so he knows how to do extremely fast blast without get tired. He and the rest of us has also listen to a lot of extreme death, grind and black bands during the years and study their way of playing carefully.

Are you satisfied with the sales result of the new album and with the spread of your name thanks to Rivel Records work?

Maybe not very satisfied.. Covenant Progress were sold 2200 copies last time I heard the result, and I think it’s still selling. I don’t  know exactly how many copies VoR has sold so far but I guess it’s around 1500. It’s in way quite ok because it’s hard to sell a lot of cds nowadays (almost all people stealing music from the internet).

That's a question that I'll do to every unblack band: why do you express your christian faith through black metal?

First of all we don’t like to call ourself for Unblackmetal or Whitemetal, we play black metal. We believe that all kinds of music is neutral in its self. I mean, a music genre can not be "evil" it self. It all depends on the purpose why doing it and what the lyrics is about. I will use a illustration to explain: a knife in the hands of a murder can kill life, but a knife in the hands of a doctor can save life. Now is the knife evil it self? No, it depends on how you use it. The power in our hands to decide what we want to use music for. I know that many blackmetal fans react badly when we use the word "blackmetal" to describe our music and we are sorry if we make people up set for that. But for us BM is a musical genre. Listen to "Veil of Remembrance" and tell me what kind of music it is..

I know that all black metal music from the beginning were the all satanic and occult metalbands. But today even the secular scene saying something else, because there is a lot of bands with satanic and occult lyrics (example Deicide, Morbid Angel, God Among Insects) who are not called "blackmetal" and why is that? BM has grown and chanced to become and musical genre. We also believe that God has created all tones and forms of harmonies and even styles of music. The humankind can use this gifts in different ways and styles, but the main thought about music was good from the beginning.

What do you think about the unblack scene? Which are your favourites album? Which are the most interesting young bands?

Horde "Hellig Usvart" is definitely my favourite CD, all categories!!! It’s the most true blackmetal I have ever heard and that CD will always remain special for me. The atmosphere while listen to it is really awesome. There are not very many christian bands that play quality death or blackmetal but here are some (black) albums that I really enjoy: Horde "Hellig Usvart"; Antestor "The Return Of The Black Death", "The Forsaken"; Slechtvalk "At The Dawn Of War", "The War That Plagues The Lands"; Kekal "Acidity", "1000 Thoughs Of Violence"; Drottnar new album (coming soon); Renascent new album (coming soon); Lengsel "Solace"; Frosthardr "Makeslös".

Your lyrics are always beautiful and elaborate, they express an very deep faith! Do you write them personally Pilgrim? Where do you take the inspiration?

Thank you very much. The lyrical concept on Veil of Remembrance is quite much work on, they are "dark" and written in a poetical form. Almost all lyrics is first made in swedish and then translated to english. Becase it’s a lot easier to express feelings and experiences in the language we speak. All lyrics are kind of "real life experiences" explained in a poetic way. Myself (Pilgrim) and Gustav has write all of them. Since my wife left me a couple of weeks before we released The Covenant Progress 2003 I have been struggle a lot "In the Shadow of Death". The lyrics that I have written is therefore a progress in my life from, (in order) "My Grieff, My Remembrance", "The Cold Grip of Terror", "Intimations of Everlasting Constancy" to more recent things described in "Embraced by the beauty of Cold" and "Illusion was true beauty". In all this confusion, dark grief and pain I have seen that our Lord Christ is the One he proclaim. He is the light that never fades away and His love is greater than all pain in the world. I know it’s true. So the lyrics also point on a light and a hope in God. In my lyrics I use to take a lot of inspiration from the scandinavian nature and use it in a symbolic way.. Gustav’s lyrics is also personal experiences. Different struggles and thoughts, his lyrics goes quite deep and it’s a lot of reflections of life and faith from his own life, written in a strongly philosophical way.

Why is there a satanic goat in the new band's logo?! I was a little shocked the first time I saw it! Could you tell us something about this choice?

I hardly can’t understand your question now… First of all: There is no satanic goats!! I believe that God has created all animals on Earth, even goats and snakes. Second: There aren’t any goat in our logo!! The eyes on the M in CriMson are reminding of my Viking mask that I use to wear live, that’s what why Karl designed it that way… A wise man used to say: "God creates, evil only perverts".

Oh I'm sorry!, well then my mistake, but it seemed really a goat (symbol of Devil) the face on logo! ;) Other question about this: there are some christian metallers who absolutely doesn't listen to satanic black; there are others who isolate this bad message and consider only the music. What do you think about it?

Personally I don’t buy any albums at all with bands that have a satanic or anti-christian message. But I use to listen to some of them live (Wacken is great!!) or at my friends places just to being updated about the genre, since we play the same music. I think it’s important to be careful about saying that "I don’t listen to the lyrics, just the music" because the message can reach you through the music I think. But I don’t just listen to christian metalbands. Here some secular bands that I like: Nile, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Origin, Bloodbath, Defleshed, Rotten Sound, Death, Hateshere, Amon Amarth, Opeth,  Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, and At The Gates.

In the compilation "Songs From The Archives" there is a fantastic demo, "Haralding The Dawn"; you haven't put this work in sales, why?, it's wonderful!

Thank you!! I think we had plans to use all those songs for one up-coming full-length album back then.. But after some line up and style changes we chose to just use "A thorn in my heart" on "The Covenant Progress".

Do you love live dimension? Which is the best concert you have done?

Yes, to play live with Crimson Moonlight is one of the best things I know to do. It’s so much more than a concert… It’s like an inner cleaning and also a proclaiming of the faith in Jesus Christ and it’s even a battle in the spiritual world.

The best concert? It’s hard to pick up one, but Element of Rock was GREAT, especially the fans they were wild!! And the concert at Hedon Zwolle in the Netherlands were also amazing, it was the best sound we ever had. But the best concert so far were probably at Bobfest 2005 !!! 900 people, great atmosphere, great sound and we really did the songs fast and good!!!

Are you looking for new members? How will be the stylistic direction of Crimson Moonlight in the upcoming album?

For the moment we have a new session guitarist. He name is Joans Arvidsson and he will play some concert with us now. It’s a relief to have all members again. I hope Jonas will join us for full time later on. The new album… hehe.. it will not be pop music J

Is there the real hope you will player in concert in Italy sooner or later? ;)

That would be real great !!


Thanks a lot for spending time and reading this interview!! We hope to see you all on tour in the future. In main time check out our homepage and write something in our forum or guestbook. You can order CD´s and some Merchendise directly from us. The new awesome VoR merchandise can be ordered from Endtime Productions… - -

Stay firm, stay brutal !! The Scandinavian Holocaust has begun…"Veil of Remembrance".




(with collaboration of Ilaria Ricci)


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