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Hello Mr. Fire and congratulations for excellent Elgibbor last work "Repent Or Perish" (even if the favourite of our staff site is the masterpiece "Stronger Than Hell"). Why this strong title? In which way can you describe the lyrics?

The title comes from an urgency to tell the people of this world that it's time to make a decision to repent or to perish. Time is running out and we all need to make a decision before it's too late. The lyrics all come either from personal experiences or from the Bible. God is always my inspiration for the words and the music of my songs.

What is the meaning of Elgibbor’s name? Can you give a short description of the project please?

Elgibbor means "God Almighty" in Hebrew. Elgibbor is a solo project with a vision to reach the lost for Christ through music that reaches in to the darkest places and shines the light of His love.

At musical level what are main influences, about you? What are your favourite christian and secular metal albums?

My influences always come from Jesus. He is the air that I breath and He knows what will reach the
hearts of the people that listen to this type of music. Some of my favourite christian bands are Drottnar, Arvinger, Antestor, Crimson Moonlight... there are too many to name them all. I don't listen to secular metal bands, I haven't listened to them for many many years only because I believe in listening to music that speaks truth and does not spill out lies of the enemy.

How is the process of songs composition in Elgibbor?

God inspires me to write the music. I spend lots of time in my studio going over chords and melodies. Then once the music is created I ask Jesus for the lyrics that are to go with the song. Then, by His grace, the song comes together.

Future’s band plan?

We will see... whatever Jesus' direction will be! To reach the lost for Him!

Which is your opinion in Poland extreme christian and secular metal scene?

The secular metal scene is very popular. The Christian
metal scene is still being discovered but there are very few metal bands who are professed Christians producing Christian music.

Some words about your work in Fire Throne? Which is your present relation with Unblasphemer?

Fire Throne was a band with the same vision as Elgibbor. Fire Throne stopped playing together when I relocated and it became to hard to get together to record albums. Unblasphemer is a close friend of mine and we are always in contact. He is my brother in Christ and we hope to work together again someday.

Some suggestions for people that start to listen and play unblack metal?

They must know that the biggest difference between Black metal and Unblack metal is the inspiration and lyrics. Our inspiration comes from pure TRUTH and from the Word of God. They must understand that music is not just a beat or rhythm. It is spiritual and depends highly on
the life and inspiration of the one who is writing/singing/playing it.

In which way you became a christian extreme musician?

used to play in secular metal bands quite often. When I gave my life to the Lord He revealed to me that he had given me a gift and that I was to use that gift to help others that were stuck in the same lifestyle that I had been living in all those years.

In a lot of albums recorded in many projects, which is your favourite and why?

My favourite project would have to be Fireland. I really had a great time recording this album. There are a lot of lyrics taken from Psalm 119 which is my favourite passage in the Bible.

Elgibbor is an one man project, so the live activity is impossible; Elgibbor will be a really band, sooner or later?

I would always like for Elgibbor to become a full band but it would have to be God's will for everything to work out according to His plan.

At last a greetings for italian fans and readers of

I love italian food, and God bless you all!!!
Strong in the Lord!!


Daniele E.


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