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It was an honor to meet Johanna, the HB singer, before their show at Elements of Rock 2015. This is the interview we did with her.

Daniele: What do you expect from this festival?

We were talking yesterday with the guys from Immortal Souls and they said that the atmosphere and the audience was really great. So we are looking forward to see if today it gonna be the same as well (laughs, editor's note).

Daniele:  Yes, it will be the same! Which are the origins of the monicker HB?

Back in the days, when the band started, we were quite young and a friend of us told to use a short name, good and effective, that stands out for posters, so somebody came out with HB.

Daniele: And what about the meaning?

Basically it doesn't really mean anything. It's just a name, but some years ago we had a competition in our webpage, where people could suggest a name. And then several friend of us suggested name like Hugo Boss, Hooba Booba, or Holy Bible (laughs, editor’s note), there can be many names for it.

Daniele: Maybe Holy Bible is the most important meaning…

It could be...

Daniele: Your lyrics are very focused on the Christian message. How much are important the lyrics for your music?

Well. I think that they are essential. Of course we are a Christian band, so we are happy to sing about the things that are important for us all. I think that the lyrics are one of the most important thing in the band.

Daniele: Do you prefer write the lyrics in Finnish or in English?

First, we usually write in Finnish and then we translate the lyrics in English with some help.

Francesco: Do you define a Christian band or a band of Christians?

I would say a Christian band. Maybe both, but we always started as a Christian metal band.

Daniele: What are the reasons that led you to leave the band and then return? Obviously if you want to talk about it.

When I moved outside Finland in 2013 and it was not possible for me to continue from abroad. So, the guys had Miia that joined in the band for a year, but I think she didn't maybe feel  that this was her place to be and then she decided to leave the band. We had a long discussion with the guys:  what’s the future of the band? So I decide to return. It still quite difficult because I don’t live in Finland at the moment so, organizing things is not simple, but we still want to keep the band alive, do gigs and new stuffs.

Daniele: For the next works, there will be some style changes, or the sound will be similar with the old album?

We don’t know yet , it's like a fixing at the moment. We are try to figure out and pray for the new direction, if it will be to continue as we are or reinvent the music somehow. Of course, something new always comes out in each album, some good changes.

Giacomo: I’ve listened to your single Mary. It’s so very different from your music. Perhaps this style will be part of the future work of the band?

That’s one option (laughs, editor’s note), but I think it's something that's specially up to Antti, the songwriter, maybe something in more theatrical style.

Giacomo: An extreme change!

It could be, but we’ll see…It will be interesting to see!

Daniele: What do you suggest to those band that start to play Christian metal?

I think that the most important thing is that everybody in the band have the will to stand behind the lyrics, the vision and the message that everybody would like to have. With the same vision, they will can go together to the same direction and to something new.

Francesco: How do you see the Christian metal scene of today? Do you see many changes since you have started to play Christian metal?

At the moment, metal is not so popularly in Finland. I don’t know how, but it went a little bit down. There are a lot of other genres at the moment, everybody can find in Christian music something that he like and that's a good thing,  but it gonna be also interesting to see how the scene will evolve and develope in the future.

Daniele: Ok, thank you very much for this interview. Can you leave a final message to the readers?

Yes, stay true in what do you believe and keep the flag high!

Daniele Fuligno, Francesco Romeggini, Giacomo Manfredi

(live pictures by Daniele Fuligno)


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