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25/11/2007 (RE-EDIT)



The tenth anniversary of Elements of Rock coincided with the last concert of Jayson Sherlock as Horde, the unblack par excellence. The staff of was present at the appointment and of course took the opportunity to meet and exchange a few words with this brave musician who first brought the Gospel message in black metal.

Daniele: What are your first impressions after the show of yesterday? Do you appreciate the audience reaction?

Yes I’m very very happy with the audience reaction, it’s always great to play in Europe, people are very complementary, very nice and very welcoming. Yes I think that the show was very positive and I’m very very happy.

Daniele: You are considered a legend, the pioneer of the unblack. Why did you chose a black metal sound for a Christian message?

I think that the main reason why is because backing in the early ninethies there was much negative happenings: burned churches, murders and all these kind of things. So I felt that was important for many persons, also in Australia, to have a positive impact with this music, showing a light and a point of view different from a goth perspective, with the same sound, the same look and the same power, but with very different lyrics with positive content. It was a reaction to the negative things I’ve said before.

Daniele: Why in the beginning did you chose to stay Anonymous?

There are a lot of black metal musicians that don’t use the real names, they have alter egos to be sorrounded by an halo of mystery. I think that Anonymous sounds a little bit like Euronymus of Mayhem, but I don’t want to be known because my identity is not important. The message of Christ in the music, in the lyrics, is the most important thing. I chose to don’t go with corpse paint because I look like a clown when I put corpse paint on, so I just put the hood and don’t wash up face after the show, it is much better!

Daniele: You also played with Mortification. Why did you leave the band? Do you continue to stay in contact with Steve Rowe?

Steve and I live a quite distance from each other and sometimes is very difficult to stay in contact. Yes, we are still very good friends, sometimes I hear him, but not so often. I think the reason why that I left the band, in the first place was beacause I needed to concetrate on graphic studies for full time work because if you play in a Christian death metal band you can’t put food on the table, pay the rent and all the other things. I needed to find a job that would me happy. Studying, I could not find more time for the band, for the touring...

Daniele: There will be another full-length from Horde?

No. Just one live and one studio.

Francesco: And yesterday? Was it the last concert?

Yes! Because my wife is expecting a “bambini” (he tried to say “child” in Italian, translator’s note)...

Daniele: Oh, congratulations!

Grazie molte! (he tried again to speak Italian, he said “thank you so much”, translator’s note). So, it’s an end of an era and also I’m focusing on my death metal band, Revulsed. It’s my new death metal band, it sounds very brutal and technical, a little bit like Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. I really love the brutal death metal style.

Francesco: Is it a Christian band?

Absolutely yes! I have the responsability because I believe and I know the Truth, so I need to share the Truth with people.

Francesco: How do you see the Christian metal scene of now?

I think that the Christian metal bands of now are more coming in line with the secular bands. There is no more separation between Christian and secular scene. It’s so great to have Christian and unchristian guys that do lives together, drink beer and enjoy each other companies, share experiences and I think it’s really cool. It’s a good way to preach, not trough necessary words, but truough actions and it is exactly what Jesus did for us. It’s really cool that the two currents converge in a great metal community.

Francesco: Are you active in a church?

Yes, my wife is a worship pastor of our church with 1500 people. She is encharged with the music, she works full time and of course I became part of this. It’s very cool!

Daniele: Ok, it’s the last question. Do you want leave a message fo our readers?

Of course, yes! Thank you so much for all the support over the years, stay close to God and never get away from Him, He is the reason why we play music. Stay brutal and stay hard! I hope to see you again soon and God bless!




Daniele Fuligno, Francesco Romeggini

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