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In Vain


In Vain played at Cycle club in Calenzano (FI) on 14 april, part of staff was there at the concert, the band gave us kindly the pleasure of have an interview.

1. How did In Vain Born?

Andreas: It was me and Johnar wanted to start a band, we recorded some songs and it became an EP and from that it started.

Johnar: It was a summer project in the start, we were only three members and we couldn't play live cause we didn't have a drummer. I was playing guitar and programming the drums, Andreas was singing and the other guy sang the clean vocals, so it was only a studio band only during the summer we went to the studio. Than we went to sign for a second EP to Indie Recordings and get some more members, so we released the other three albums, but it's just started as a studio project.

2. Do you define yourself a Christian band? Or maybe a band of Christian people? How do you live your faith?

Andreas: No, it's not a Christian band we have two Christian members, we don't write Christian lyrics so we're not a Christian band, but of course me and Johnar writing all the lyrics of the songs and we are the Christians, so of course there is something on the background.

Johnar: The other members are almost antireligious but we are very good friends and we respect each others. I didn't start the band to leave a message, but it's about the music. We are only two Christian members but we don't want to give a political or religious message, in some songs we have philosophical lyrics too.

Andreas: There are personal lyrics and so of course is in the background.

3. In some songs you speak about nature and American Indians, why this choice?

Johnar: I've read a lot about the native Americans, many books, i think it's very fascinating. So I just saw some stories could be good for the lyrics so i wrote Their Spirits Ride with the Wind of "The Letter Rain" album. Than I wanted to do one more song about that so I wrote Wayakin (The Guardian Spirit of the Nez Perce), in that song we called a native American in studio to sing and play native American instruments but that chapter is closed for us now, it's only two songs. It's an interesting topic.

4. What is the musical difference between the first two album and Enigma? 

Johnar: First difference I see is not in the music but in the production, and I think now it's better. Then I think there is in "The Letter Rain" more fast parts songs, "Mantra" have more slow songs, in the new album I wanted to bring back some of the fast elements, but i still wanted some slow songs of course. So if you look upon "Ænigma" there are two or three fast tracks like To the core and Times of Yore and slow tracks like Floating on the Murmuring Tide, the last track. I think it's a mix of the two. There are also tracks that are shorter cause I wanted to try to write some shorter songs, there are two songs around five minutes, I wanted try to write more simple songs, short, not so many riffs, not easy and still complex but more in an easy listening way. So I tried to mix catchy and easy listening with complex, it's a hard balance, Image of time is a good example of that combination.

5. Let's talk about the line-up changes. How will it influence the sound of In Vain?

Johnar: After "Ænigma" it's only the bassist to leave to the States, if we record the new album before he's back we cannot have his vocals, that's the only difference, he never wrote any music so he haven't a big impact, but his vocals are great

on the stage?

Johnar: oh yeah! He's great on the stage as well, our new bass player I think he is better as bass player, his vocals are little bit strong in clean vocals but he doesn't have the hard vocals, Kristian is strong in both kind of vocals; so someone else have to do the hard vocals if we record before his back, I don't know.

6. What kind of work do you do? Do you earn money from music?

Johnar: I work as financial analyst in an investment fund.

Giacomo: like me (laughing n.d.r)

Andreas: I work as project leader in an industry

Johnar: our drummer is not on this tour because he works in South Korea, Kristian is in the United States, he's becoming a pilot, Sindre is working in television, Kjetil is a teacher, our session bassist is nineteen he's just a student.

Andreas: In Vain is not a full time job, it's only a passion

Johnar: We spent a lot for the band, we only have the ambition to stay on a sign label to record and release a new album; that's why is very important for us to sell all our records, our label needs to make money in the end so if we sell they say "ok we can do another album", and if we earn more they can spend for new tours and in better equipment, we don't need that money for the band but to invest it. In this tour we don't earn anything we pay to be in tour and we have three session musicians to pay. It's not a good business the musician!

Francesco and Giacomo: We know it cause we play in a band (Laughing n.d.r.)

7. It's your first time in Italy. What do you think about Italian fans and Italian music scene?

Johnar: They are very passionate; maybe the best proud we have so far is that the people on the front row were really into the music, it's not the best crowd for In Vain on the tour but the most soulful show

8. Last words to 

Andreas: Thanks you for your support, buy the album and the merchandise and listen to In Vain, we appreciate the support and we have to see on the stage sometimes.




Francesco Romeggini, Dario Di Carne, Giacomo Manfredi

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