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According to us, "Ablation Of Death" is one of the best Christian death metal full-length of the last years. They are Necroblation, and Jonathan (singer, guitarist and founded member) answers to these interview’s questions.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for this interview. Can you introduce the band?

Hi! I play in the band called Necroblation and we come from Lausanne in Switzerland. The band has been founded in the beginning of 2010, by me, Yannick and an other guitarist who has left the band. Greg arrived in the middle of 2011. We play some old school death metal, and we hope to touch people not only with our music but also with our message.

I was at the last Elements of Rock edition. According to me, Necroblation’s gig was great, one of the best of all festival. What were your first impressions after the show? Did you appreciate the audience reaction?

That was just incredible and the audience was amazing! One of the most impressive things was to see the musicians from the other bands watching our show because I listen to these bands since a long time and have a lot of admiration for them. I was really satisfied after the show, and I think it was the best perfomance we've ever made on stage for the moment.

I consider "Ablation Of Death" the best Christian death metal release of the last years. What are the bands that inspire Necroblation sound?

Thank you very much, that's a great honour! For the songwriting in Necroblation, my principal influences are bands like Vengeance Rising, Massacre, the early Mortification albums, Death, Opprobrium, etc. But I also listen to different kinds of music like blues, classical, country, rock, that give me some inspiration. I think it's important to be open to other kinds of music. 

In the booklet of the disc, you said that your faith is the inspiration of all the lyrics. What’s your Christian experience? Why did you choose a death metal sound for a Christian message?

I was born in a Christian family, and I discovered heavy metal when I was 9 if I remember well. I've almost never stopped believing in God, even if I had lots of dark times, struggling with my bitterness, hate and unforgiveness. I've often been full of pain and revolt about everything in this world. In this music I found a way to express that to God and to let him take the control of my life. That's why the death metal sound has come naturally in my compositions.

How do see the Christian metal scene of now? Is it positive that Christian metal is coming in line with secular scene?

I am still impressed to see all those good bands, and I think that lots of christian bands have just nothing to prove in the whole metal scene. I think that lots of frontiers have been broken between the Christian and secular scene, and that's a really good point! That's very positive because now it's easier to share our faith with other metalheads instead of being isolated in a christian "aquarium".

What’s your answer to those people that think that metal music and Christianity can’t stay together?

I would say that every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow (James 1:17). I think that music is a gift from God, that we can use for his glory with our own personality and feelings. The devil hasn't created anything. Furthermore, Metal is a strong and powerful music style, just like the gospel of Christ! So where's the problem?

With the band are you planning new projects, songs or live?

First, we want to promote our album the best we can, with gigs, reviews and interviews, and prepare the second album for a release between summer and winter 2014, maybe early 2015. We want do make it big and we already have some ideas and we want to try some other stuff: still same old school death/thrash vibe, but maybe one or two special song as we did with the track Child of illusion.

Well Jonathan, thank you very much for you answers. Can you leave a final message for our readers?

May the Lord bless you all, thanks for reading, and stay brutal!


Daniele Fuligno

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