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Signum Regis


After the show at the Elments of Rock 2014, we have met and interviewed Ronnie König. He is the bass player and founder of Signum Regis, the author of a very interesting concpet album about Exodus.


Francesco: Great show! I really loved it, what are your impressions about the show and the festival?

Daniele: And what about the audience?

I think it's our best show so far, we love Switzerland, it's always great here. The people are absolutely great here, we love them. I could hear myself very well on the stage, so it was nice to play. Of course as musician we always know there was some mistakes and we can do it better, we know that, but this happens. We don't play so much so we have to get on the mood. But I believe it was a great show and the people enjoyed it so we are very happy about that fact.

Francesco: Do you prefer this show or the last with Vindex in 2009?

I think that Signum Regis is our musical future, so I enjoyed it and I'm looking for playing more. Vindex is something that was before, it's past. We don't really play together anymore, it's not like we couldn't play again but Signum Regis is our main focus that's what we think about it.

Francesco: You did an album about Exodus, why this choice?

Honestly I can't remember, but I can remember I had three songs in the beginning and somehow I red the Bible or I saw the Moses movie or something and I tought "Well, it could be a good topic for the lyrics". So I had these three songs that was Let us go!, Wrath of pharaoh and Exodus and they made one unit to me, so I get an email from the label saying "You guys should do a full album of this, you should write some more lyrics about this topic, put a full-length album and record it". So, song after song, we had it some more and we wrote ten/eleven songs, the full album. I think in general it's a powerful topic also for metal.

Francesco:  Why did you choose some different singers? And how did you choose them?

We couldn't find a singer because there aren't many singers in Slovakia, there are some but maybe they plays in other bands or don't have time or something. So, we didn't want to wait anymore, we wanted to record something and that was something that we could do because most of the singers could record a song for you but they don't have so much time to record twelve songs for you and play with you. So that was a strategy, an idea from Emil Westerdhal from the label, he knows all singers, he is in contact with everyone and he suggested us "If you don't have a singer, why don't you record with a singer for each songs?" and we did it.

Daniele: Great names...

Yes, I mean... Mike Vescera, and those played in some of my favourite bands, yes great names. And how did we chose them? Well, we thought every song is a little bit different, it's all heavy metal but every song goes a bit into a style, so we thought "How will this singer sound in that song?" and tried to imagine, and then, after we had this idea in the mind we contacted him or her.

Francesco: How did you manage the recordings?

We recorded the instruments and sometimes I had to sing the demo, which is horrible (laughs, E.n.). I had to show them how it should sound, but not for everyone, some of the guys could read the notes so I simply wrote with piano and writing the lyrics. But it's not like all the singers sang the same melody, someone changed it a little bit so they fix them better.

Giacomo: Did you meet all the singers?

No, some of them but not all of them, someone is from Brasil or USA... that's difficult (laughs, E.n.).

Francesco: Which bands inspire your sound?

I can tell you my favourite bands, I've always been a fan of Megadeth, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Metallica, Impellitteri, Rob Rock, I love them so, but I think I mentioned only the most important.

Francesco: Do you define your a Christian band or a band of Christians?

It's a tough question. I don't know, personally I am a Christian, and I put this belief into the lyrics sometimes and... well, I think we are both, in the band not everyone is a religious guy, but it's mostly about the lyrics, my brother who wrote most of the lyrics and I are Christians, so, I guess, that's what it's really important. I'm not sure, I think you can call us a Christian band, but it's not  like every song is with Gospel lyrics, we have some normal secular lyrics but every time it comes some out that I put this faith in the lyrics again and again. I can remember the first lyrics that I wrote in my life were for the band Vindex, and that song was called Brighter than stars which is basically a Gospel from the Bible, so it naturally comes again in the lyrics.

Francesco: One last question, will you never come to play in Italy?

We've love to! When there will be a chance, we are all for it! Why not?

Francesco: Some last words to readers?

I would like to thanks all readers who will read this interview, check our website, like us on Facebook so we can get a little bit connected with all our fans.



Francesco Romeggini, Daniele Fuligno, Giacomo Manfredi


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