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We met Scott Wenzel, frontman of Whitecross immediately after the live at Elements of Rock 2013 for a brief interview. He is a great artist and his words testifiy to his faith and passion for the music.

What are your first impressions after the show? Do you appreciate the audience reaction?

I love so much been here in Switzerland, I think God is going to do a great and lasting work here long at we live it. I pray for God will bless every people here.

You are considered, it's my opinion, a pioneer of the Christian hard rock music. What do you suggest to the new bands that start to play Christian metal?

The most first important thing is that they love Jesus with all the heart and they want serve Him, they want exalt Him because Jesus have abilited us on drumming. Our needs should be on Jesus, this should be the desire of all the bands that want lift up Jesus, the answer to all the problems.

Even Mike Lee from Barren Cross said the same thing last year. After “High Gear”, Rex leaved the band, but during the last years you met again. What has happened?

We found that we can work together and get other music and try to do whatever we can.

And now, are you working for new songs, a disc or just live concerts?

We are working for live concerts right now.

How did Whitecross start to play hard rock for Jesus?

We started back in 1987. Rex and I met because He was my guitar teacher. I played rhythm guitar, but I wanted to learn even the lead guitar. He was my music teacher and we enjoyed Whitecross while studying music.

It's a very curios thing! Ok, thank you very much. Just leave a messagge to our readers.

On, I pray that God bless you all, that His hand will be upon you and bless all that you do in Jesus mighty name!


Daniele Fuligno
(with the collaboration of Francesco Romeggini)


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